Specialized school-kindergarten “Lisova Kazka” with deepen studying of foreign languages, and private gymnasium “Apogey” create the integrated educational complex which has rich and many years practices of non-stop teaching of foreign languages, since kindergarten to graduating from school. In our establishment Ukrainian language is taught as the state language. English is taught since kindergarten, the second foreign language like German or French since the 2nd form of school.

Our educational complex has four separate buildings which allow to organize teaching according to proper levels: kindergarten, primary school, gymnasium.

Kindergarten groups are located in two buildings. There are 6 groups with 12-hour shift (from 7.00 to 19.00) and one group with 4-hour shift (from 8.30 to 12.30).

Primary school is located in a different building. There are 8 classes, 2 classes in each level.

Pupils of the 1st class, except classrooms, have bedrooms for day-sleeping and special rest-rooms.

For students of 2nd, 3d, 4th classes there game rooms, where children can rest during the breaks, and also rest-rooms for each level.

The following items are available:

- Fairy-tales room;

- Nature corner with the winter garden;

- Mini zoo;

- Room for art activity;

- Art gallery “Golden collection”

- Ethnografic museum “Ukrainian Hut”

Gymnasium “Apogey” conducts its own financial-economic activity as a private establishment. The privileged right to be admitted to the gymnasium is given to those who finished the primary school “Lisova Kazka”. To realize an individual teaching plan of a child our school works as a full-time school where there are additional individual lessons, assistance, faculties, special courses, and clubs. The part of time is dedicated to self-studying.

Classes include from 12 to 17 students.

The theater of gymnasium - “Lira” is equipped like a classical theater. Performances in foreign languages play a very important role in the development of speaking and communicative skills.

Educational complex conducts experimental work with educational resource “Accent” aiming to organize the distant teaching and creating e-environment.

The system “Electronic School” provides control and limits access into our establishment any strangers. This hardware-controlled complex is the base for creating educational e-environment and for improving administrative process. And it also is used for to control of attending school by the students and to provide the high level of safety.

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