Every school has its own history that had been created by teachers and students. Educational complex school-kindergarten “Lisova Kazka” (“Forest Fairytale”) has 80-year history. Originally this kindergarten was initiated for the children of the workers of Kyiv Machine-tool plant–the biggest producer of equipment for mechanical processing of metal in the former Soviet Union. In 1938 the doors of new kindergarten were opened for the first time. In 1967, Tamara Volodymyrivna Shalda became the head of the nursery № 332. In 1970, the plant had three buildings of preschool establishments. Under the leadership of Shalda T.V. in 1980, the construction of the fourth building was completed. Four preschool institutions were united into one thus creating the first unique preschool complex in Ukraine for 550 children "Lisova Kazka".

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Our area is like a real botanic garden with lots of rare plants that make it cozy and cool during hot summer days and make you feel like in snowy fairytale forest in winter.

The institution works as a poly-linguistic gymnasium, the study of the Ukrainian language as a state language remains a priority, as well as considerable attention is paid to the study of foreign languages such as English, German and French, economics, jurisprudence, artistic culture, ecology, ethics of business relations, courses of civil education.

The main objective of our educational complex is the development of the child as a personality and the highest value of society, the creation of conditions for the training of talented, gifted youth, involving them in systematic research and experimental work.

Ph.D. Kartashova L.A. and Pavlenko I.I are involved into the organization of the educational process.

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