Our site presents an educational complex: private secondary school "Apogey" and a specialized school- kindergarten “Lisova Kazka” with advanced study of English.

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"Lisova Kazka" specialized kindergarten with advanced study of foreign languages ​​was registered in 1992. Gymnasium "Apogey" was opened on its basis, that made it possible to create an educational complex and to start the process of implementing one of the educational technologies: a person-oriented, continual system of education and upbringing of children from the age of three to the graduation from the 11th year of the gymnasium.

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The educational process is organized in the way that enables children who study a full day to relieve physical and emotional stress after mental activities visiting different extra-curricular classes, sports sections and spending time outdoors. The territory of our complex is about three hectares in a beautiful park area. It has an outdoor summer pool.

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Students who graduate from our complex are intelligent, smart, talented and extraordinary people.


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